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About my robbed little son Axel and others.

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Public Information about Sweden.

Be it known to the general public that . . .

Purpose: In defense of the power of the People. City of Trelleborg spring 1997.

About the Child born May 27, 1991, (Swedish SS# 91 05 27 - 0996), etc..

The boy child is a Swedish citizen. He lives in Sweden. To this day he does not know that he has a father. Nor is he aware that he has a brother. (He certainly has not yet met either one). The phone number to the local SSA office in City of Vänersborg is (?) +46 521 - 274 000. You may request a verification (public information) of the personalia here mentioned including a statement about the date when paternity was established. (It took them two years to do that. The purpose was to deprive the Child of his/her rights. The father had his blood drawn for analysis July 8, 1991 at the blood bank of University Hospital in Lund. A proper DNA-analysis takes three days. The law requires promptness.)

I know of another Child in the City of Klippan. He is eight years old (January -97) and he is still not allowed to visit with his daddy. It took them five years to complete the paternity determination in spite of full cooperation of the father.

A physician in the City of Nora (North of the City of Örebro) was sentenced to twenty month in prison for nothing else than taking his three children on a vacation. He was released after 9 months and 10 days. He refers to the experience as a class in reality assessment pertaining to the sick Swedish society and its pronounced pennalistic tendencies. While in jail he was additionally served with an official notice forbidding him to visit his children. Reason: The mother of the children claimed she was afraid of him. (Though she was unable to mention a single reason or experience as a basis of her fear. A bad conscience added to a long since diagnosed chronic endogenous depression?) However, he is not worse off than that he is able to provide for himself as a physician.

I authorize anyone interested in my case to review it to their hearts content. I do not have anything to hide and whatever errors I have committed I am willing to stand up to. The only reason for secrecy in our society is hiding the many crimes of the bureaucrats and social workers. Should anyone like to publish their findings I insist on reviewing it first since I know that the media are sometimes fair and sometimes distributors of lies and misinformation. Katarina Ström is a good one.

When the laws of the nation are disregarded by the authorities as it is in Sweden, - I don't know why they label themselves 'the justice'. It is merely bad politics.

Intentional kidnapping of fathers or children as performed by the authorities in the name of justice is never the less a major crime. Some of the politicians in the City of Trelleborg whom I have contacted and who support governmental child abduction are:

Catrin Persson(s), Lisbeth Gisselkvist(s), Erna Green Allison(m), Arne Nilsson(s), Berndt Fribing(s), Bo Carlsson(s), Sune Larsson(c), Lennart Engholm(fp or perhaps m), Agneta Ringström(m), Marianne Ohrlander(m), Anders Östergren(s), and others. Most of these participate in various boards and committees in our society. Catrin Persson(s), chairman of the Department of Social Services and member of the House of Representatives told me flatly that she is in favor of disregarding the law. She is not interested even in a brief phone conversation relative to the purpose of establishing a dialogue with the mother of the child for the sake of the young Boy. By failing to fulfill the duties of her job description, namely by refusing to forward my request for help to the board, she commits a crime. I received no decision, no referral and she refused to give me a requested public document. In his book "Barn och föräldrar (eng. Children and parents)" familjerätt II p. 64 Åke Saldeen3 writes: In accordance to the regulations of the department of social services 1990 the communities of the nation must offer parents “interactive counseling by professionals for the purpose of achieving solutions in questions related to custody and visitation". ##

This rule is ignored systematically by the social workers who generally suggests to the mothers that they refuse any and all contact between the child och the person which the mother points out as the father of the Child. At least this is how it is in the Cities of Malmö, Lund, Vänersborg and Kristianstad.

Initially I requested help from the department of social services, and since then I have provided written reminders of my request. Furthermore; the department refuses to respond to my communication, they refuse to make any decisions, to give any referrals, and to provide public documents as requested.

I feel that it was OK to discontinue the “Communications"*. Often times there were more service personnel than visitors. This is my personal experience. When I stood up for my right to make a statement I was physically attacked by the personnel.
An imaginary office with a real expense for the Community of Trelleborg.

As far as the support groups established by our society for the support of victims of crime, I and many others have personally experienced that it consistently supports the criminals, especially when the Authorities commits crimes against the citizens.

Sweden became signatories to the Child Convention of the United Nations in 1990. Swedish authorities are totally disregarding this treaty.

Do you choose to give your monetary support to heavily censored media?
Do you desire a criminal government?

Anyone subject to the Abuse industry of the politician class society is headed for ruin.

Any support for my lonely fight against crime in high places are appreciated.

As a technician by trade I perceive problems as challenges in need of solutions. Anyone interested in helping out, please contact me!

My name is Tomas Gidlöf. My phone is +46 410 - 343 83.

More Public Information about Sweden.

Be it known to the general public that . . .

Purpose: In defense of the power of the People. City of Trelleborg October 20, 1997.

A farmer must take responsibility for his grain, but he is not allowed to be a responsible daddy.

The Armed Battalion of Revingehed gave Staffan strength to relocate his father. Father and son has been totally separated from each other from August 1989 to 1996. Indeed for all practical purposes there has been no contact from 1983 until called to join “the Military Activities as a civilian dressed person" in 1997. That's 14 years. Support has been requested by the authorities. In order to get acquainted we went sailing for two months. As we were returning from Bergen in Norway Staffan kept thinking about his younger brother. Thus as we came to Grimstad he wanted us to change our route. Thus we set course towards Uddevalla rather than Læsø as originally intended. From there we took the bus towards Vänersborg where we spent the whole day localizing his younger brother. With the help of a photography1 we were able to identify him.

August 8 1997.

Staffan, my oldest son, and I met the six year olds in their play area. I said:

- Hi kids. Say, does Axel have a daddy?

Straight forward, as six year olds usually are, the kids answered:

- No, Axel has no daddy.

Axel himself seemed exceedingly sad as he responded:

- No, I have no daddy.

I explained to Axel and the other children that they had been misinformed.

-You have a dad, and I am your father. Staffan here is your brother.

Axel seemed excited and awed. We got a very few minutes. I realized that Axel was very sad. It seemed obvious that his self respect had been severely destroyed. He had a burn scar covering the entire palmar surface of one of his hands. Severe implications. I told Axel that my name is Tomas and that the name of his big brother is Staffan. We wrote our names and our phone number on a piece of paper which we gave him. He then told us that he is not allowed to use the phone. Much younger children are usually able to handle the phone quite well. More than so did we not have time for.

Unprovoked violence.

Suddenly I was attacked from behind by three officials who abused be severely while trying to throw me to the ground. One caught me around my neck and each of my arms were caught by two others. A fourth official is violently pulling Axel's arm. He is screaming in pain. Additionally he becomes fearful and starts crying. Both of us are abused. The personnel robs Axel of the note with our names and phone numbers. Staffan, who has been without a father for 14 years, freezes in fear and doesn't do anything until I cry to him for his help. The personnel are in the process of hiding Axel. I find myself having to force myself free in order to help Staffan. The personnel disappear in order to recruit reinforcement in their crime. Thus the two brethren and their father get a breather and a chance to exchange yet a few words.

But then “the suffering and poorly funded" POLICE arrives. Three police cars arrives in the children's play area. Five of the heroes of the State jumps out of their cars. They discontinue the contact between two brothers and abduct the father from his child.

Subsequently the police destroys the evidence, while hiding and defending the violent and abusive personnel. They refuse to accept our police report. Staffan and I proceeded to report the incidence at the police station. We are not welcome. The service personnel excuse themselves for lunch, so we take lunch as well. They schedule us for an appointment at 1:30PM. When we arrive they throw us out. Later I find that our report is full of errors. The authorities have signed it themselves. Not I. Conclusion:

District attorney Gillberg states: “There is no cause for the assumption that a crime might have been committed." Thus the powers defend themselves.

The mother and the authorities.

Let me request the reader not to focus on the mother. Her motivation and desires are irrelevant. The authorities and the political committees must go by the Law of Sweden as well as by the treaties they have ratified. They don't. My children are subject to the terror of the State. Everyone of the authorities have refused to conform to the law and to the UN Child Convention. These crimes have been going on for seven years as far as Axel is concerned. The mother is not responsible for the crimes committed by the public authorities.

The Politician Society

The House of Representatives are supposed to defend the Constitution of the country. They don't. I have personally been witness to their crimes. This is not politics. I have found that our population generally hold the politicians in very low esteem. Everyone of the political parties look down upon the citizens and the constitution. All the Congressmen in the House of Representatives (some 30 of them) have taken the same stand. They find it politically feasible to damage the children while making the citizen losing each and every right. Dictatorships classically abducts children. It is a well known fact that abduction of parents is destructive to the children. The Abuse industry and the politician society gain power.

Our names are Tomas Gidlöf , Phone +46 (0)410 - 33 43 83 and Staffan Gadd +46 (0)46 - 211 78 82. 
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  1. How I obtained a photo of the Boy is a long story in and of itself. I had to work with the Sailing Club of Vänersborg, and I had to engage in the election of 1994.
  2. My opinions, as here expressed, are solidly based upon law and ancient Nordic common law.
  3. Professor of law at University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Published oct 20 1997 by Tomas Gidlöf, Matrosvägen 5, Trelleborg, Sweden.

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